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A Taste of Spring

On May 14th, you will have the opportunity to escape the city noise and immerse yourself in the freshness of spring with amazing food, wonderful wines, and good company!

The 'A Taste of Spring' experience is a joint project between Food Nomads, Villa Velis Winery, and vegetable garden "Sezon", united by their love for wine, quality food, and special experiences. On this special day, you will have the opportunity to dive into the magic of wine and get to know the production process of one of the best wineries in the region.

We will start with a walk through the beautiful vineyards of Villa Velis and meet with the winery's agronomist, who will tell us more about the work in the vineyards and show us the secrets of the wine production process. Then we will visit the winery itself, where we will see how the wine is produced, stored and bottled.

After this unique walk, we will have the opportunity to enjoy a special lunch made entirely of seasonal products from carefully selected producers, combined in complete harmony with the delicate wines of the winery. Chef Martin Nikolov from "Sezon" has prepared an ambitious 4 course menu inspired by the vegetbles that naturally grow in the spring and will tell us more about regenerative agriculture. During the meal, there will also be a discussion on the topic of pairing food and wine, where you can ask questions to the experts on site.

We look forward to seeing you!


Day: Sunday, May 14th

Time: 11:30 - 15:00 

Location: Villa Velis, Karabunar village (between Sofia and Plovdiv) 


11:30 Welcome at Villa Velis Winery

12:00 Vineyard tour and meeting with the winery's agronomist

13:00 Winery tour and introduction to the production process

13:30 Spring lunch by Chef Martin Nikolov with wine pairing and a discussion on "Wine and Food Pairing"

Price: BGN 150 per person 

Bank transfer details:

Company: Food Nomads OOD​
IBAN: BG72STSA93000029335474
Basis for translation: 
Lunch, First and Last Name

* Your place is reserved after payment is received.

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About Villa Velis: 

Care and love for nature are the main reason for the creation of the Bulgarian-German wine project Velis Vineyards in 2010. By preserving and maintaining old vineyards in the village of Karabunar, the team behind the project reveals the potential of the terroir and shapes its vision for the future of winemaking in the region.


Villa Velis Wine Cellar welcomes guests from the summer of 2021 and presents its wines as art. Collaboration with various artistic projects is the recognizable brand of the winery, and in 2023 it emphasizes working with small farmers of seasonal and clean food, promoting gastronomic culture, initiating conversations about wine and food.

Sezon is a vegetable garden in the village of Ivanyane, which grows varieties from Bulgarian and international seed houses, following the practices of regenerative agriculture.


In their store in the center of Sofia (Ekzarch Yosif St. 69), in addition to seasonally grown products, you can also enjoy interesting, tasty and memorable cuisine every day.

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For Season:

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