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Autumn Harvest

Become part of the magic of the grape harvest and discover the richness
of farm life in the Rose Valley


This fall, we invite you to share an unforgettable journey with the autumn aromas and true flavors of the Rose Valley. 

On Saturday we will immerse ourselves in the magic of grape harvest – an ancient ritual intertwined with hard work, passion and love for wine. Picking the ripe grapes by hand and participating in the authentic grape crushing ritual, you will appreciate how much magic and love is behind every drop of wine. 

After enjoying a delicious casual lunch in Provençal style, you will have the opportunity to try different varieties and create wine according to your recipe and taste, which you will finally bottle yourself. The day will end with a tempting gourmet dinner in the heart of the castle of Chateau Copsa. 

Sunday will take us in the footsteps of the traditions and craftsmanship behind the production of the purest dairy products. We will reveal the secrets of the "milky way" by examining the philosophy of Rozino organic farm and their sustainable farming methods. We will learn to turn milk with our own hands into mozzarella and burrata, ending the day with a cozy lunch of organic and fresh products.


Regular package price:
BGN 790 / person

The price is valid for double room occupancy.

Early bird package price:
BGN 730 / person*
*If you book by August 31, 2023.
The price is valid for double room occupancy.

Extra charge for overnight stay on Friday night:
BGN 270

Registration deadline:
September 11th

50% of the amount is paid upon booking, with the remaining 50% paid up to 14 days before departure. Payment is made in cash or by bank transfer.


  • 1 Night at Chateau Copsa with breakfast included 

  • Grape harvest and traditional grape crushing ritual: Experience the pleasure of the traditional grape crushing ritual, feeling each berry under your feet.

  • Lunch in Provençal style: Taste the specialties of the region, prepared with love and craftsmanship.

  • Blending wine: Create your own brand of wine, combining different varieties, and as a gift you will receive the bottle with your blended wine.

  • Gourmet Dinner: Enjoy a fine dining experience paired with the wines of Chateau Copsa. 

  • Farming Adventure: Take a walk around Bio Farm Rozino, touching the truth behind each bottle of milk, learning more about sustainable practices 

  • Mozzarella Workshop & the storm: Learn the secrets of making mozzarella and burrata, and make it your new skill.

  • Farm lunch, made entirely with organic products from our own production

The program does not include:

  • Personal expenses (orders in restaurants outside the set menus and tastings) and other services not mentioned in the program

  • Medical insurance

  • Transport

About Chateau Copsa

Chateau Copsa is one of the few family wineries,  who manage the entire process – from the grapes to the bottle – into their own hands. Thus, they can personally monitor every moment of its development and make sure that it lives and reveals even more interesting and deep notes of its character, even if enclosed in glass. Chateau Copsa's own vineyards are 50 hectares, located in the heart of the Rose Valley. The intense aromas of the rosé massifs and the lavender fields, the constant movement of air masses, the mild climate ensured by the two mountains that surround the valley, all contribute to the unique terroir of the area.


The family hotel, embodied in the appearance of a real castle from fairy tales, opened its doors in 2008 to become a hospitable home and an emblem of Chateau Copsa. Its massive stone walls are girdled by hundred-year-old beams, and high arched windows add to the enjoyment of the wine and that of the beautiful view of the vineyards. Behind the austere facade, Chateau Copsa hides an eclectic and sophisticated interior.

About Rozino Bio Farm

What's better than delicious, clean and natural food, grown with love and care! 

"Rozino" organic farm was established in 2014. The lands are within the scope of the "Natura 2000" Program and are included in the territory of the "Central Balkan" Biosphere Park -  between the Stara Planina and Sredna Gora mountains. Their great love for nature and animals makes the owners of the farm ambitious to create a place that fully meets the generally accepted norms and standards for ecology and humane treatment of farmed animals. 


The overall concept of farm development is focused on creating an organization for sustainable organic farming through the use of good agricultural practices and on the protection and preservation of the surrounding country.

Visiting organic farm "Rozino", you will feel the life on the farm and enjoy organic products from bio-certified pastures and meadows.

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