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Istanbul View from a Dome


Taste of two continents

The magnificent Istanbul is a city that challenges all your senses and makes you fall in love with it. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it has its own unique sound, smell and touch. But the sense this cosmopolitan city will evoke most is your sense of taste.

We all know the Turkish classics - Turkish delight, baklava, kebab, gozleme, but the truth is that Istanbul is much more than what we understand as 'Turkish' cuisine. For centuries, people have come to this city with their own tastes, and the food in Istanbul these days often bears the hallmarks of the predominantly Kurdish southeast and the myriad flavors of Syrian cuisine brought to the city by refugees who now call it home. Filter this through Ottoman, Armenian and Greek cuisine and something very unique about Istanbul comes into focus - eclectic, fascinating, in perpetual motion. 


The dining options here are almost endless and frankly dizzying - street stalls, meyhane (taverns), fish restaurants among the Bosphorus villas, top-notch gourmet restaurants and what not. 


For us, Istanbul is a city of endless culinary pleasures, and in these 4 days we will try to immerse you in its inexhaustible variety of tastes and traditions.


Our culinary adventure includes:

  • 4 days/ 3 nights

  • Small group of maximum 10 foodies

  • Direct flight with Turkish Airlines with luggage included

  • Boutique accommodation with breakfast included 

  • All culinary delights in selected restaurants 

  • Historical - Culinary Tours with a local guide on which we will try various specialties of the local gastronomy and meet the people behind them

  • Dinner at a Michelin star restaurant

  • Presentation and tasting of Turkish wines with a wine expert

  • Private yacht tour on the Bosphorus


During this four-day culinary experience, we will explore Istanbul through its countless cuisines. We will cross the Bosphorus, visit markets on both continents and eat in places not only with unique taste, but with history and tradition. Each location will show a different image of Istanbul, we will witness cooking demonstrations and unlock our adventurous spirit. Turkey is the oldest wine producer in the world and we will get to know the local wine varieties by tasting the best Turkish wines. From morning to night, we will experience a constant clash and natural synthesis between the many cultural currents that make Istanbul so special.


Day 1

With a morning flight from Sofia with Turkish Airways, we arrive in Istanbul, check into the hotel and after a short rest, we will officially start our adventure with a welcome drink, where we will get to know the city and our plan for the coming days. From there, we will move to one of the most iconic Ocakbasi in the city, where we will indulge in kebabs and appetizers. Ocakbasi is a charcoal barbecue and is an integral part of Turkish culinary culture. Although in the beginning it was sitting in front of the hearth from a practical point of view (due to lack of space), eating in front of the fire has turned this context into a socializing area - the most important feature of Ocakbasi is pleasant conversations, and that is exactly what we plan to do.


EURO 1199

EURO 170

The price includes:

  • Flight tickets with Turkish Airlines

  • Transfers and all other transport costs

  • 3 nights in a boutique hotel with breakfast 

  • All meals and non-alcoholic drinks (alcohol is extra)

  • All program activities

  • Medical insurance

  • Local guides

  • Food Nomad guides

The price does NOT include: 

  • Personal expenses (orders in restaurants outside the set menus, alcohol, etc.), services not mentioned in the program.

  • Optional trip cancellation insurance - about 3% of the package price. The insurance is concluded on the day of registration. 

  • Tips

Image by Mert Kahveci

Tailored adventures

If you are interested in one of our destinations, but want to travel with your company, then you can easily request an individual trip for your group on a date convenient for you.


The Food Nomads team can further assist you and make modifications

of the program to your personal interests and budget.

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