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Taste & Wander

Each adventure from the "Taste & Wander" series is designed to take you on an unforgettable taste journey and offer you the unique opportunity to get to know and rediscover the beauty of Bulgaria.


Specially organized for small groups of 12 people, our trips offer you intimacy and the opportunity to share these experiences with new friends who share your love of food, wine and travel.

Join our "Taste & Wonder" adventures and have fun tasting, discovering and creating memories that will last forever.

Upcoming Adventures

Traveling with Food Nomads is different.

Here, food as an experience is the ultimate goal and protagonist of the adventure.

Food is the most natural way to experience the culture of a place.

Through culinary tourism, we understand local traditions, tastes, historical influences, the richness of the land and the specifics of the culinary culture of the region.

Here we eat like locals, not tourists. We talk about food, we understand it, we experience it.

We bypass the too  tourist locations to settle in an authentic restaurant untouched by the cameras. We try fresh street food. We visit local producers. We cook our lunch.

We discover the culinary traditions and techniques and leave having tasted, sipped and breathed in the true spirit of the destination.

What is included in our tours?




Cooking classes and


A selection of the best and most authentic places to eat


Meeting with
local producers


Tastings and
wine tourism


Personal treatment and attention to every detail 

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Tailored adventures

If you are interested in one of our destinations, but want to travel with your company, then you can easily request an individual trip for your group on a date convenient for you.


The Food Nomads team can further assist you and make modifications of the program to your personal interests and budget.

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